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Construction Update

The new doors at the Woodlawn entrance should be fully operational soon. Regarding keys: The old keys will not open the new doors, but you can currently get into the church through the 23rd Street entrance with your key. After the new door installation is complete, key codes will be issued to those who need them. You will still need your key to open other doors inside the church.

Construction of the Fireside Room is continuing. The room is not available for use during construction. Please do not go into the Fireside Room, and don’t allow children to play in the Fireside Room. We want everyone to be safe. Thank you.

January 2, 2017

Boise First Congregational United Church of Christ will begin a facilities construction project in January 2017 to improve safety and accessibility. Construction will include changes to the:
+Main front doors (off Woodlawn Avenue)
+Fireside Room 
+Upstairs offices

The project is expected to take up to four months to complete. In the end, our Pastor’s office and the church office will be more accessible. New, accessible and more secure main entry/exit doors will be installed. A new telephone, door and camera security system, along with a new fire detection/warning system will also be installed.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause. We will provide ongoing information and updates about the project. Be sure to check all of our normal/regular communication channels for updates, including our website http://www.boisefirstucc.org/, Sunday bulletins and the Weekend Update email.
We have contractors set up and ready to go the first part of January to work on the main doors and security camera system. Here’s the latest project update (dates and timelines are subject to change): 

Also beginning the week of January 2, our main entry/exit doors on Woodlawn Avenue will be replaced with secure, accessible doors. The new doors will be locked/unlocked using a new key pad/card system. If you currently have a key, we will let you know when to bring it to the church office and exchange it for a card. The door construction project is expected to take a few days to complete. Please note: The 23rd Street doors will become fire exit doors only. The new doors at Woodlawn will serve as our main and only entry/exit for the building; all other doors will be used in case of emergency only.

Volunteers Needed
We need help to accomplish this project. Do you have skills and time you can share? We need people willing to organize/work to help: 

+Meet with contractors to design a fire detection and warning system within our budget and approved by Boise City. 
+Sheet rock placement. Volunteers need to be able to lift heavy objects and will be trained/coached how to do this work. 
        +Painting crew to paint the new walls - during March. 
        +Clean out the closet in the dining room (located next to the east windows). This room needs to be better organized so we can easily access and store more stuff. 
+Clean out and organize the janitor’s closet by the main front doors. There’s an electrical panel in this space that’s blocked and we do not want to be found in violation by an electrical inspector.
+Moving furniture from the 2nd floor to the Fireside Room during the latter part of January