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A Message from Pastor Kim


We at Boise First share feelings of anger, frustration, and are deeply disheartened over the decision today of the Idaho State Affairs Committee to reject the Add the Words bill. It is tempting to see the hearing process as a sham created to placate protesters and provide cover for legislators who never planned to seriously consider the consequences of denying human rights protection for Idaho's gay and transgender citizens. One could even wonder if, perhaps, this discouraging process was designed to "encourage" those who support "Add the Four Words - no more and no less" to consider future compromises in order to gain some watered-down version of protection under some type of legislation. We hope this is not the case, for to engage in such political manipulation continues to deeply disrespect LGBTG individuals who have born a disproportionate amount of pain and suffering in this legislative process, and as citizens of the State of Idaho.

Following the call to "do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God," we will continue to seek to influence the legislative process in ways that will lead to sexual orientation and gender identity being included in the protections afforded by the Idaho Human Rights Act. May God's Spirit inspire us to some serious "out of the box" thinking - so that we can invite those who oppose such protection to move out of a constricted place of fear and judgment, and into a place of compassion, understanding, courage, openness, and justice.

Love is greater than fear. May love guide us on this journey.
Rev. Kim Mislin Cran
Senior Pastor