What's Happening

Contemplative Worship & Communion, Tuesdays, 5 PM

Fall Clean up at Boise First, November 16TH, 10 AM

Bring gloves, rakes, outdoor tools, etc. Contact Polly Franz for questions.


Join us for Worship, November 17th, 10 AM
Thanksgiving in Action Sunday
The Alternative Gift Market will be held after worship
Preacher: Rev. Robert J von Trebra 
Music: Derek Schaible, and the Chancel Choir led by David Burton


Alternative Gift Market, November 17th, 11 AM, Dining Room
Please join us for an opportunity to help those in need by donating to one of the seven featured organizations in the Alternative Gift Market. Visit their tables after worship on November 17th. For more information, contact Carol Stirling.


Boise High School Choirs' Madrigal Dinner
Hear Ye, Hear Ye:  The Ye Old Boise High Madrigal Dinner will be held Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7.

Come and enjoy an evening of light hearted frivolity and sublime beauty. Travel back in time and join the choir students at Boise High School as we entertain you in the style of the renaissance. It is a feast at Iron Fist Manor and the King and Queen have invited you to join.  Enjoy the four course meal, music, theatre and joy of the celebration. This is the 47th annual Feast and is sure to set your holiday season off as it has so many others for the past 46 years.

To purchase tickets, click HERE


Items can be placed in the basket labeled “Interfaith Sanctuary” located in Dining Room.

NOTE: Please do not donate any kind of medication, including aspirin, Tylenol, cold remedies, etc. Interfaith Sanctuary cannot accept donations of any kind of medication.

SPECIAL NEED: Interfaith Sanctuary needs individuals sizes of soap and shampoo. They also need coffee creamer, underwear of every size and cough drops. Thank you, and leave your donations in the basket near the JAWAM bulletin board. 

Dental floss, Toothpaste – small, Toothbrushes, Lotions, Razors, Lip Balm, Antiperspirant deodorant, Small bar soaps, Small-sized shampoos, Small-sized conditioners, Q-tips
Tampons, sanitary napkins, Band-aids – all sizes, Shaving cream
Hair items–combs, barrettes, ties, etc.; Socks - Men, Women, Children; Underwear - Men, Women, Children; Diapers - Adults and Kids, especially Size 5 kids
Peanut Butter, Jelly


"Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Resource Guide"

From the Southern Poverty Law Center: 
Hate in America has become commonplace. What can we do to stop the hate?

 “Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Resource Guide” sets out 10 principles for fighting hate in your community. You can read more about it and download a copy by clicking HERE.


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