Our Leadership

In the United Church of Christ, we believe in the ‘priesthood of all believers’. This goes back to Martin Luther who, in 1520, introduced the revolutionary idea that all Christians can participate equally in the life and ministry of the Church. We believe that a strong laity is essential for a strong church and work to develop the talents of all our members. While we do ‘set aside’ certain persons by ordination to recognize their special gifts for ministry, we encourage all of our members and friends to be active and responsible for our shared ministry.

Pastoral Staff

Administrative Staff

Music Staff

2024 Church Council

Moderator: Devon Merling-Woodworth

Vice-Moderator: Jim Girvan

Clerk: Julie Stutts Baker

Treasurer: Carol Bearce

Financial Secretary: Melissa Lane-Hoffstetter

Committee Chairpersons

Chair of Deacons:  Ginni Neil

Chair  of Christian Education:  Jen Nelson

Co-Chairs, Stewardship & Finance: Brody Aston and Polly Franz

Chair of Justice, Witness and Mission: Jessica Aston

Co-Chairs, Worship Arts: Georgia Girvan and Ashley Howell

Chair, Buildings and Grounds: Ian Barkley

Chair, Business & Personnel: Martin Mayo

Members at Large: Ronna Sundell  and Ken Weitemier