Pastoral Staff

Pastor: Rev. Rob Tulloch

Rev. Tulloch was ordained with the Disciples of Christ, a sister church to the United Church of Christ. As a child, he attended Red Rock Christian Church, a Disciples of Christ Church in Boise. As an adult, he worked for a Methodist church in Meridian, ID, as well as serving other churches. He has been very involved in the Stone-Campbell corner of the Protestant movement, which gave rise to both the Disciples of Christ and the United Church of Christ. Rev. Tulloch has a background of ecumenical work and interfaith initiatives. 

Rev. Tulloch can be reached by calling the church office, 208-344-5731 or via email.


In October of 2021, one of our companions in the Boise faith community, Rabbi Dan Fink, wrote an article for the Idaho Statesman. Rabbi Fink responding to a video featuring numerous Idaho representatives, including the Lt. Governor of Idaho, Janice McGeachin. McGeachin, and the various representatives decided to publicly question whether or not the pandemic is even real, condemning any restrictions to personal freedoms, and vowing to ignore mask and business regulations that may come about. In addition to these statements, McGeachin portrays personal freedoms as the dominant feature of ‘what is right’ for our community, instead of the health and welfare of our fellow Idahoans. She did this while brandishing a Bible and a handgun, as if to unite our worship of God and our right to bear arms together. We condemn this abhorrent use of the Bible as a prop, and the inappropriate connection between freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. This video ignores any sense of compassion for people other than ourselves and disrespects any and all health professionals who work every day to keep people alive.

        Rabbi Fink invited Lt. Gov. McGeachin to come study the Torah with him, so she might better understand what the Bible says about community and responsibility to one another. We can assume this invitation will go unheeded, but we as a community here at Boise First Congregational lift our voices in support of Rabbi Fink and Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel. We support the use of masks, the limits on any and all gatherings, and the continued support of medical professionals who are sacrificing so much to keep us safe.

        We at Boise First Congregational love our neighbors, and we will continue to show that love by wearing masks, worshiping online, and honoring the wisdom and expertise of our medical community. Please consider adding your voices to ours.

Rev. Rob Tulloch

Click HERE to view Rabbi Fink's letter to the Idaho Statesman