Pastoral Search 

Our Congregation is on a journey to find our next settled Pastor. Our search committee was selected by our Congregation at our Annual Congregational Meeting in October 2023. Since then, they have worked hard to ensure that our church profile is current and informative.  We all continue with prayers to find our next Pastor.

Pastoral Search Committee

Brody Aston, Tracy Cochran, Nancy England , Roger Maple, Jen Nelson, Rose Nelson, Liz Roberts, Derek Schaible , Erika Oaas Syms

What is a church profile? 

The church profile is a snapshot of Boise First UCC and our community. It provides potential applicants the opportunity to learn more about who we are, what we believe and the Boise community as a whole. If you would like to view our current church profile, you may click the link below:

Boise First UCC Church Profile 

Where are we in the process?

October 15th, 2023 - Our pastoral search committee was elected by our Congregation at our Annual Congregational Budget Meeting

January - Worship was led by the Pastoral Search committee in order to get feedback from the congregation to include in the church profile.


February- March  - The committee met to write and edit the profile, incorporating information from the congregation, as well as from the various interest and involvement areas each committee member represents.


April - The search committee met to go over the final updates to the church profile that were made over the past month, in addition to some reformatting and minor changes that needed to be completed. It has been quite a process but are very excited about the completed profile and next steps for our team.  We have appreciated all the support and look forward to sharing the profile with the congregation. We sent a draft to a group of readers for edits as well as forwarded the draft into our conference representative, Tyler Connoley.


May -  Updates were made and the congregation was invited to read, review, and offer further edits and suggestions.

April - New compensation guidelines were published by our conference.  Our Treasurer, the Stewardship and Finance Committee, and the Council were together able to identify a compensation range that is financially reasonable for our congregation and will also allow us to seek the quality of candidate we are hoping for. 

June - These changes were made, as well as the posted compensation updated, as approved through the church council.  Our church profile has been approved and will soon be posted on the CPC website! 

You can view the job posting here:  Boise First UCC Job Posting

The pastoral search committee decided that the Church Profile should also include a short version of the Land Genealogy.  We want to make sure that those who are interested in our profile can read our Land Genealogy and learn more about our rich history. You can read this document at this link:

Boise First UCC Land Genealogy

Our next step is to review candidates. We are excited for this stage, and welcome prayers as we continue to use the work of finding our next pastor. 

Thank you everyone for your continued help, support and prayers.

Brody Aston, Tracy Cochran, Nancy England , Roger Maple, Jen Nelson, Rose Nelson, Liz Roberts, Derek Schaible , Erika Oaas Syms