Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

At Boise First, we have a great concern for the privacy of our members and friends. In the Web environment, it is difficult to know how to best protect that privacy since we are a community of friends but our information is shared with anyone and everyone in the whole world. There are four areas of concern: names of persons, identifying information, images, and protecting minor children. In addition, our church facility is used by many ‘outside’ groups whose privacy we also wish to respect. We are working within the following guidelines:

1. We will not publish any of the following identifying information about members, friends, and building users unless approved by the individual:

First and last name

Street address

Telephone number

Birth date

Anniversary date

Email address

Home address

2. We will provide a hardcopy form to all members and friends to grant or deny permission for the use of their names, identifying information, or pictures. Contact the church office for a copy of the form.

3. We will not publish pictures of any minor child on our website unless we have written permission from the child’s parent or legal guardian. We will provide a hardcopy form to all parents and guardians to receive their general (good until revoked) or specific (for single use) consent before using pictures of their child.

4. We assume that we may publish pictures of adult members, friends, and event participants on our website without obtaining permission from the person.

5. With the exception of church staff, we will identify persons only by first name and initial of last name, unless we have permission to use the whole name.

6. If any person objects to the inclusion of their name, identifying information, or picture on our website, we will remove it within 24 hours of notice to the church administrator.